I was born with the ability to dream.
Dream about living anywhere but here. Following places have crossed my mind: Italy, New York, Beverly Hills, Sydney, San Fransisco, Berlin.
Dream about making it as an actress and winning oscars.
Dream about writing my own plays.
Dream about actually succeeding in combining clothes and creating a personal style.
Dream about going to Oxford and becoming a famous historian.
Dream about being remembered by many long after I’m dead.
Dream about living without ANY worries just. for. one. day.
Dream about not having to do any exams to get my diploma.
Dream about having the ability to disappear.
Dream about being able to be anybody else for a moment.
Dream about being able to read people’s mind.
Dream about being the best in everything.
Dream about living the dream.
Dream about staying myself. Always and under any circumstances.

But don’t get me wrong. I love my life and I actually like myself.


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