Hello world!

Hello world!
I wanted to edit the title, but came to the conclusion that I really dig it.

Somehow I got the idea that I just had to make a blog. The world would be a better place with my blog in it. Maybe it would even make me famous. My words would never be forgotten. I would help show future historians what the early 21st century world looked like. Maybe, just maybe, they would even do a case-study about me. Maybe, just maybe, I’d be that interesting.

No, I never thought this blog would change the world. I’m just here to write about what I know and what I wish I’d know, about what I feel and what I wish I’d feel, about how life treats me and how I wish it would treat me and finally about how I experience the world around me.

Sometimes my blogs will be in Dutch. That’s because I live in Belgium and Dutch is my first language. In theory – based on how many years I studied them at school – French is my second, English my third, German my fourth and Italian my fifth. But in reality English is my second language and German is not really ‘my’ language at all. Since English is not my first language (or ‘moedertaal’ as we say it in Dutch) it can sometimes be very difficult to express my feelings exactly the way I want to express them. I’m kind of a perfectionist that way.

Better not express yourself at all, than create misunderstandings by doing it completely wrong.
Is that sentence even grammatically correct? Something feels odd about it. Do correct me if I’m wrong. I hate grammatical and linguistic mistakes.

Enjoy. And please, do leave a comment if you feel like it. Don’t let anything hold you back. Ever.
And so I end my introduction with an important life’s lesson.